Thursday, September 27, 2007

Creationism and Catholic Schools

OK, so I'm based in Ottawa, ON, and there seems to be an odd Canadian institution here which I have trouble with.

Catholic Schools.

Maybe I'm completely misled, but I was under the naive impression that schooling was the sort of thing we paid taxes for, so that the government, in their infinite wisdom, could set up and manage for us. Granted, they are not always perfect at it, but nevertheless, I still expect any decent government in the western world to manage a half-decent public education system.

Here, in Canada, it seems that the situation is not that clear-cut. There is a second 'public' education system here - the Catholic School Board. Without bagging the Catholics too much (heck, it's not exactly a challenge), I was under the impression that church and state had been separated for some time, in most places, and quite frankly, had no place teaching children unless it was in a Sunday School.

Yet parents here can choose to take their children out of 'normal' schooling and send them off to Catholic schools where (I guess) they are taught to be Catholic. That's not even the part that bothers me. The part where I get fucked off, is where they have now started to get momentum behind PUBLIC FUNDING for these fucking schools. Surely, one of the things about being separate is that you don't get funding from the rest of us.

Then you get fucked up rhetoric like this little gem:
"...Any attempt to remove public funding from Catholic Schools in Ontario would be extremely divisive and would be vigorously opposed by the Catholic community..." - Bernard Murray, Toronto President, Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association (in the Ottawa Citizen, Sept 27, 2007).

No, setting up a separate system from the rest of us mere mortals would be fucking divisive. Asking us to pay for it is insulting. And I'm sure you'd oppose those moves, Mr Murray. Being a man of religion would make you comfortable with those hand-outs from the rest of us.

Mr John Tory of the conservatives wants to fund these assholes. I urge people to vote against him.

On the subject of Mr Tory, he also wants Intelligent Design aka Creationism taught in Ontario's schools. Apparently, he doesn't feel that there is any scientific reason for people to believe in Evolution, and it's just a theory anyway.

This dude clearly has no brains. Don't vote for him.

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